Carbide Tipped Saw Blades Features

Extremely Hard Teeth

The main advantage ofcarbide tipped over steel is its extreme toughness and hardness.

For example, if you need to cut a piece of natural wood, the wood is likely to have minerals or other hard impurities mixed in.

When the saw blade cuts through these chips, there is a high risk of damage to the steel. If it’scarbide tipped, it cuts right through these things and you won’t even notice the impurities.

Thanks to the extremely hard teeth, carbide can be cut more than 5 times faster than high-speed steel, but at a higher cost.

Sharp teeth

Just mentioned,carbide tipped is more ductile than steel, socarbide tipped can retain its sharpness for longer.

Hacksaw blades are relatively more prone to dulling, which requires you to sharpen them frequently, and using carbide saw blades can save that time and effort.

As the cobalt content increases, the impact toughness and flexural strength of the alloy increase, but the hardness and wear resistance decrease.

You need to choose according to the actual situation.

Long lasting

Carbide tipped saw blades have a longer life, about 5 times that of fast rigid saw blades.

After the tip becomes dull, you can contact a professional to replace the tip.

Greatly saves the time and cost of replacing saw blades.

Superior temperature resistance

High heat can cause the steel sheets to soften and even change their shape. The high temperature softening resistance of HSS high-speed rigid saw blade is 600℃, while the high temperature softening resistance of printed alloy can reach 800~1000℃. This means it’s perfect for use as a drill.

What is Circular Carbide Used for ?

At the end of the previous paragraph, it was mentioned thatcarbide tipped is suitable for use as a drill. In practical applications, lathe drills, dental drills, etc. are usually made ofcarbide tipped.

Carbide drills are widely used for high-volume drilling due to high cutting speed, good chip evacuation and high temperature resistance.

It can also be used to machine harder materials, possibly up to 70+HRC. In addition,carbide tipped is well suited for milling because it provides an excellent metal removal rate (MRR).

It can be said that the application ofcarbide tipped is extremely extensive.

How to choose Carbide Saw Blades ?

Correct and reasonable selection of carbide saw blades can reduce processing costs, shorten processing costs and improve processing quality.

The following tips will guide you in choosing the right saw blade.

  • Suitable carbide grades

    When choosing a saw blade, you will find that the two English letters Y and G are printed on the surface of the carbide saw blade.

    They represent the commonly used carbide types: tungsten cobalt (code YG) and tungsten titanium (code YT).

    The number after YG indicates the percentage of cobalt content.

  • Correct tooth shape

    The tooth type can be divided into flat top teeth, left and right teeth, trapezoidal teeth, crescent teeth, etc.

    In actual use, it is mainly selected according to the type of sawing material.

  • Number of saw teeth and angle

    A higher number of teeth means better cutting performance.

    But it also means that the amount ofcarbide tipped will increase, and the price will also increase.

    In addition, the more teeth, the smaller the distance between the teeth, the smaller the chip removal rate, and the easier the saw blade to heat up.

    When the tooth pitch becomes smaller, the friction between the teeth and the workpiece will increase, which will shorten the service life.

    The appropriate number of teeth should be selected according to the specific material and cutting requirements.
    In addition to the number of teeth, the angle parameter is also very crucial.

    The most vital angle parameters are the front and rear angles.

    The larger the rake angle, the better the sharpness and the easier it is to cut soft materials like aluminum cutting.

    The rake angle ofcarbide tipped is generally 15°.

Benefits Of YANSAM Circular Saw Blade

YANSAM offers a cermet TCT saw blade. Made by synthesizing tungsten carbide powder, titanium and tantalum, mixed with cobalt powder.

These finely proportioned materials are heated to 1500°C and pressed to provide a tensile strength of 1600 N/mm2. The main feature of this HM from YANSAM is its high hardness and wear resistance even at extremely high operating temperatures (1000°C).

Can be used to cut hardwoods, non-ferrous metals, plastics, plywood and other materials. Great for miter and table saws.

This carbide saw blade can make precision cuts with no tearout and almost no chips.

Premium Carbide Saw China Supplier

YANSAM is an experienced carbide blade manufacturer that has been specializing in the production and development of saw blades for several years.

Our saw blades factory has various production businesses such as high speed steel(HSS) saw blades, mini HSS circular saw, alloy saw blades, overall alloy saw blades, and heat treatment processing services.

YANSAM has a highly automated production line and extremely high specification production standards, you can watch how we produce your saw blades from the video below.

If you are interested in any circular saw blade, we can provide you with a technical guidance service.

The circular saw blades provided by Yuanshan are of high quality and cost-effective.

If you are planning to buy circular saw blades in bulk, you can contact our sales for a very good discount.

Our carbide tipped saw blade cutting tools for wood are designed to provide precise and clean cuts every time. Made with high-quality materials, these cutting tools are built to last and can handle even the toughest of wood cutting jobs. The carbide tips on the blade ensure that the blade stays sharp for longer, reducing the need for frequent sharpening and replacement.


– Carbide tipped blade for precision cutting

– High-quality materials for durability

– Can handle tough wood cutting jobs

– Reduced need for sharpening and replacement


– Provides precise and clean cuts every time

– Saves time and money by reducing the need for frequent sharpening and replacement

– Built to last and can handle even the toughest of wood cutting jobs

– Makes woodworking projects easier and more efficient.

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