YANSAM TOOLS which professional HSS Circular Saws China Manufacturer with more competitive price and fast delivery.

Accepeted OEM,ODM and customized according to customer’s demands.

Mainly used for saw blade pipe cutting machine and manual pipe cutting machine, can cut iron pipe, galvanized pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, stainless steel pipe. It can be used for cutting various metal pipe parts in furniture, fitness equipment, bathroom and other industries.

HSS Saw Balde Features

HSS saw blades, also known as cold saws, are used to cut ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials.

Our products cover all conventional materials: W5, M2, M2+2CO, M35 (detailed element content table can be provided in the attachment).

High speed steel (HSS) consists of carbon (C), tungsten (W), molybdenum (Mo), chromium (Cr), vanadium (V) and can be alloyed with additional cobalt.

It is characterized by high hardness, strong resistance to softening at high temperatures, and can maintain a high level of hardness at 600 °C or above. In addition, the cutting speed of HSS can reach more than 60 meters per minute. Therefore we call it a high speed steel (HSS) saw blade.

They are less expensive, but relatively easier to dull compared with similar products. In addition, HSS saw blades can be sharpened with a sharpener or CNC grinder, reducing costs. To date, HHS saw blades have the lowest cost per cut of all sawing methods.


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HSS Circular Saws DataSheet



vapo coating

VAPO Coating

multicolor coating

Multicolor Coating

tin coating

Tin Coating

original color

Original Color



How does circular saw blades work ?

The blade of a circular saw is driven by a high-speed motor—typically running at 5,300 to 5,800 revolutions per minute when not actively cutting. In order to protect the safety of the user, the blade guard is required to be equipped on the circular saw.

It consists of two parts, an opaque fixed shield and a transparent floating shield. The fixed passport guard covers the upper half of the circular saw blade and cannot move, while the transparent floating guard covers the lower half of the circular saw blade when the saw is not in use.

Device Equipment

Wear safety goggles when cutting, keep the base plate close to the work surface, and hold both handles to ensure stability.

The teeth arranged around the circumference of the circular saw blade are responsible for the cutting work.

The space between each tooth is called the gullet, a larger gullet allows for faster removal of sawdust, and a smaller gullet means a slower cut.

The choice of tooth type depends on the application, so blades with larger teeth and farther apart are ideal for slitting (ie, cutting with texture).

Smaller teeth allow for a finer finish, especially when used for cross-cutting (i.e. working against the grain)

Why Choose Us?

GOOD performance

GOOD Performance

HIGH hardness

HIGH hardness

UNIQUE coating

CUTTING specialist

CUTTING specialist

+ HSS circular saw blade more optional coating +

We have a large laser cutting equipment, while ensuring the precision of the saw blade, we can meet the needs of customers for various product sizes. At the same time, we also have a vacuum coating production line imported from Germany, which can be coated on the surface of the saw blade to increase the hardness and smoothness of the surface. Conventional coatings include: Rainbow Coatings, VAPO,TIN,TICN,TIALN (coating descriptions available as accessories)

What is High Speed Steel Blade Used For?

HSS circular saw blades are ideal for sawing or metal cutting of different shapes and types, such as extrusions, structural profiles, billets, bars, metal pipes and more. If you need to cut hardwood, plywood, etc.

HSS bare steel blades cannot be used, they will dull quickly. At this point, a carbide saw blade, such as tungsten carbide, is required.

How to choose hss circular saw blades?

Determine the diameter and hole diameter of the saw

Choose the right saw blade to match, otherwise it will be difficult to install or increase the risk.

Identify the type of material being cut

For hardwood, plywood, use a carbide saw blade. For metal, HSS saw blades can be used.

Appropriate thickness and number of teeth

Choose the appropriate thickness and number of teeth according to the application area. An HSS blade with a large number of teeth will provide a smoother cut and faster cutting speed.

The shape of the teeth of the saw blade

There are multiple types here:

Flat Top: HSS cutting tools with flat top teeth are better for ripping through hardwoods and softwoods.

Alternating Top Bevel (ATB): Its teeth alternate between left and right bevels, ideal for cross-cutting applications such as wood, cutting smoother with less chips.

TCG: The teeth of the TCG also alternate. But it has different heights from tooth to tooth, with taller and shorter teeth alternately connected.

Hi-ATB: High Alternate Top Bevel blade has a high bevel cut that cuts melamine without chipping. These blades are designed for cutting premium grade engineered wood products such as luan plywood, cabinet grade plywood and phenolic plywood, etc.

Combination Tooth: Combination blades are configured in groups of five teeth, each containing four ATB teeth and one FT tooth, separated by a large gullet between the groups. Combination teeth save the time and cost of changing blades, because a lot of DIYers are not very demanding for their work, but they need to use ATB and FT teeth.

A suitable and reliable saw blades manufacturer

For example, a manufacturer with many years of saw blades manufacturing experience, reasonable price and guaranteed quality. We will introduce you to YANSAM TOOLS, a manufacturer of HSS saw blades from China: YANSAM Metal Sawing Tools

Suit for steel bars

Suit for steel bars

Unique heat treatment process

Unique heat treatment process

Positioning hole laser cutting More precision,not easy crack

Positioning hole laser cutting More precision,not easy crack


A A type tooth,geometry has been designed for machining work,such as milling,with thin saw blades.
AW AW geometry has been designed for machining work, such as slotting,with thin saw bladdes.
B B For very thin wall tubes,it is not necessary to break the chips,so the B geometry is suitable for such applications.
BW With BW geometry,the teeth are alternately bevelled.It is most suitable for cutting light gauge steel tube and sections on manual and semi-automatic machines.
HZ The HZ tooth form is most suitable for solids and thick wall tube cutting. The roughing tooth is bevelled on both sides,and is between 0.2mm and 0.3mm higher than the square finishing tooth.
1HSS Circular Saws White colour is the original color of saw blade without coating.t is apropriate for cuting pipe, bar, heat sink,sash of copper and aluminium etc.
2HSS Circular Saws VAPO coating. The saw blade treated with steam.Which increase the wear-resisting and increase the overall lie. It is appropriate for cutting metal and non-ferrous metal.
3HSS Circular Saws Multicolor coating is a new mult-layer wear protection PVD coating. Recommended for high tensile strength materials and stainless steel.Responds very favorably to high speed and feed rates as well as extreme working conditions.
4HSS Circular Saws Tin coating .The saw blade treated with titanium.It is eficient to prolong tool life and reduce cutting time in certain extent.
5HSS Circular Saws TIALN coating is mainly suitable for cuting speed higher feed rate case,especially for cutting stainless steel and other hard meterials. Mainly used in automotive,motorcycle manufacturing.


mm mm mm mm kg
200 1.2/1.6/2.0 32 90 0.30/0.4/0.5
225 1.2/1.6/2.0 32 90 0.39/0.52/0.65
250 1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5 32/40 90 0.48/0.64/0.8/1.0
275 1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5 32/40 90 0.58/0.78/0.97/1.22
300 1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5/3.0 32/40 100 0.7/0.93/1.16/1.45/1.74
315 1.6/2.0/2.5/3.0 32/40 100 1.0/1.28/1.6/1.92
325 1.6/2.0/2.5/3.0 32/40 100 1.09/1.36/1.7/2.04
350 2.0/2.5/3.0 32/40/50 120 1.58/1.97/2.37
400 2.0/2.5/3.0 32/40/50 130 2.06/2.57/3.09
450 2.0/2.5/3.0 40/50 130 2.16/3.26/3.91


32 2/8.5/45     2/11/63
2/8.5/45     2/9/50          2/12/64
40 2/8.5/55     4/12/64
2/15/80      4/12/64
2/15/80      2/15/100        4/12/64
50 4/15/80


C W V Mo Cr Co
HSS-DMo5 M2 DIN1.3343 64 0.83-0.88 5.6-6.0 1.75-1.95 4.6-5.0 3.8-4.4
HSS-Co5% M35 1.3243 66 0.83-0.88 5.6-6.0 1.75-1.95 4.6-5.0 3.8-4.4 4.6-4.8


Best HSS Circular Saws Supplier in China

YANSAM TOOLS has been engaged in the production of high-speed steel garden saw blades for more than five years. It has modern workshops, automated production lines, NACHI vacuum heat treatment equipment, high-performance PVD coating equipment, high precision four-axis CNC gear grinding machines, and various precision testing required.

A range of advanced equipment and instruments.

The factory price of their circular saws are very competitive.

YANSAM manufactures various types of saw blades including HSS circular saw blades, mini HSS circular saw blades, DIN circular saw blades, cermet saw blades and carbide saw blades, etc., which can meet the sawing needs of different users.


cytting photos





Circular Saw Blades Production Process

We adopt automatic four-axis gear cutting machine, many years of production and operation test we have A comprehensive data support for the tooth shape required by various processed materials, the tooth shape can be processed are: A, AW, B, BW, HZ, BR (tooth shape can be provided with accessories), after processing saw blade tooth shape sharp, cutting without burr.

We can provide the saw blade grinding service, after the blunt tooth can be repeatedly grinding, in order to achieve the purpose of reuse, can greatly save the customer’s use cost.

YANSAM Production Workshop

With many years of manufacturing and sales experience, YANSAM can fully understand and meet the needs of customers, and provide good pre-sales and after-sales services. Contact our sales for the best quote.

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