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YANSAM cermet saw blade factory manufacturing perfect circular saw which are used in various applications. Top-of-the-line China Manufacturer known for producing high-quality products.

Top-of-the-line China Manufacturer known for producing high-quality products. Cermet saw blades are a type of circular saw blade manufactured from a combination of ceramic and metal.

This unique material is much harder than traditional steel saw blades, making them perfect for cutting through dense wood. As well as being more durable than standard saw blades, Cermet tipped saw blades offer superior sharpness and accuracy.

Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, Cermet Saw Blades are the perfect solution for you.

Cermet Circular Saw Blade YANSAM

What are the benefits of using cermet circular saw blades?

The main benefit of using cermet saw blades is that they can make precise cuts with little effort. This is because the teeth on the blade are smaller than other types of saw blades, allowing for more accurate cuts. They also require less power to operate and produce less vibration than traditional blades, which makes them ideal for use in confined areas.

Cermet-tipped saw blades are also highly durable, as the material used in their construction resists wear and tear. This means you can expect to get a long life out of these saw blades before needing to replace them.

How to choose the right cermet circular saw blade?

Choosing the right cermet circular saw blade is important in ensuring quality cuts. Among the factors to e considered include the material being cut, the thickness of the material, and the size of the blade.

Material being cut

Cermet-tipped saw blades have higher heat resistance than most other blades on the market today, making them ideal for cutting wood as they don’t become dull as quickly as some other blades may.

Size of Blade

When selecting a blade for your Cermet tipped saw, ensure it fits properly into your saw base so it can be used safely and effectively. This is especially important because using the wrong blade could cause potential damage to both your saw and the material you are working with.


Depending on the type of work being done, either a high or low-speed Cermet tipped saw blade may be required.

Tooth Shape

Selecting a Cermet-tipped saw blade with a specific tooth shape also plays an important role in determining how well it will perform while cutting. There are a variety of shapes, such as flat top, wavy set, and variable pitched, which allow you to customize the blade to fit your exact needs.

Thickness of material

Most China Manufacturers will recommend a specific blade based on the thickness of the material you are cutting; if it’s too thin, then a small diameter blade might be better; if it’s too thick, then a larger diameter blade might be better.


Different materials require different angles when cutting with a Cermet tipped saw blade; if you are unsure what angle works best with your specific project, consider consulting with a professional who can provide additional guidance.


It is important to choose a blade with the correct number of teeth per inch (TPI), depending on the type of material being cut. A finer tooth count will provide a smoother finish, while coarser teeth are more suitable for thicker materials.

YANSAM Cermet tipped saw blades are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective way to cut through wood. They offer the same cutting performance as cermet-tipped blades but with increased longevity and lower prices.

The wide variety of available blades from leading manufacturers makes it easy to find the perfect saw blade for your needs.

With numerous advantages and key properties, cermet circular saw blades had flooded the market.

YANSAM manufacturer quality meat cutting band saw fine surface finish, longevity, a high level of squareness, and high hardness at extreme temperatures.

Which also have competitive price and fast delivery.

meat cutting band saw fine surface finish

YANSAM cermet saw blade factory has specialized in the sector of researching, production, and selling of these metal sawing tools since 2004. With the high technology system and skilled experts, you’re sure to find quality tipped and circular saw to cut wood or other uses.

Let’s look at everything you need to understand about these saw blades!

What Materials Does Cermet Circular Blade Come From?

Cermet is a unique product manufacturer obtained by synthesizing silicon carbides, metal oxides, and ceramic dust.

Our factory uses metal oxides like tungsten, aluminum, and nickel that are resistant to extreme temperatures.

We make our cermet tipped saw blades from this material.

Why do we use this material?

Cermet can withstand extreme machining rates and cutting temperatures. With this property, these blades offer excellent heat and wear resistance properties.

circular saw to cut wood

Using Cermet Circular Blades

With the numerous properties and high-quality cermet that manufacturers use to make these tools, there are more than enough reasons to use these saw blades.

Cermet tipped saw blades have properties that enhance heat and wear resistance to prolong their cutting life.

cermet tipped saw blades machine

Thus, you can use the saw blades for a long time when having heavy-duty cutting applications.

The saw blades also have a super-thin kerf.

What is the role of the kerf?

The kerf offers efficient and fast cutting when working on various surfaces.

Our manufacturing team also includes a laser-cut stabilizer vital in reducing vibrations to maximize stability and ensure you achieve precision cuts.

The design and materials that manufacturers use to make cermet tipped saw blades increase the durability and speed to make the hardest alloys.

What are the Features of Cermet Circular Saw Blades?

With the top-notch material and manufacturing process, cermet circular saw blades have features that make them vital in the industry.

Let’s look at the top features of a cermet circular saw blades:

  • Have tips to ensure high resistance to tear and wear

  • Triple chip grind for rapid cutting

  • Stabilizer slots and laser-cut body to enhance a smooth operation

  • Better blade geometry features, including shallow and wide tooth pockets. These features ensure that the blade is durable and stable.

  • Some blades come with a two-step blade surface.

  • The coating on the blade body adds lubricity facilitating the reduction of friction.

Our cermet saw blade factory makes one the best blades from high-quality steel. These saw blades offer the best finishes due to their high durability and tolerance levels.

With this benefit, you can enjoy maximum precision and cutting quality. Most prior users testify about the blades’ high resistance to tear, wear, and to crack. You can enjoy better strength, durability, toughness, and high resistance when using these blades.

YANSAM is the best China Manufacturer of cermet tipped blades. You can contact us for high quality cermet circular saw blades.

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