Project Description

In DIN Saws For Orbita Tube Cutting the most common coating is black oxide, sometimes referred to as vapor steam coated. The coating is most important to help prevent galling. Galling is caused by friction between sliding surfaces, most commonly found in metal on metal applications when there is inadequate lubrication between the surfaces. The combination of the coated blade and your flood coolant will prevent this issue.

The DIN Saws for Orbita Tube Cutting are designed to provide a precise and efficient cutting solution for orbital tube cutting applications. The black oxide coating on the blade helps prevent galling, which can occur due to friction between sliding surfaces. The combination of the coated blade and flood coolant ensures that the cutting process is smooth and efficient. The saw blades are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last, providing a reliable cutting solution for industrial applications.


– Black oxide coating to prevent galling

– Designed for orbital tube cutting applications

– Made from high-quality materials

– Reliable and efficient cutting solution


– Provides a precise and efficient cutting solution for industrial applications

– Helps prevent galling, ensuring a smooth cutting process

– Made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability

– Suitable for a range of applications, including screw slotting and bearings, jewellery, and more.

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