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For those who need to make precision cuts in metal, HSS M35 Co5 cold saw blades are an ideal choice. The high-speed steel M35 cobalt circular saw blades are designed to cut metal at high speeds and offer superior durability and accuracy.

These blades are made from a combination of M35 high-speed steel and cobalt, which makes them exceptionally strong and able to withstand the rigors of high-speed cutting. The blades are also designed to reduce burring and vibration, making them ideal for cutting metal at high speeds.

HSS M35 Co5 Cold Saw Blades and M2 HSS Cold Circular Saw Blades are both used for cutting metal and other hard materials. However, there are some differences between them.

Like the M2, the M35 is called by different names in different countries, mainly as follows

HSS CO5% -DIN: 1.3243-AISI: M35-JIS: SKH 55

The element composition of M35 saw blade is mainly

HSS M35 Co5 Cold Saw Blades are made of high speed steel (M35 Co5) and have a higher degree of hardness compared to other types of saw blades. This makes them suitable for cutting harder materials such as stainless steel and other alloys. They are also able to maintain their sharpness longer and can be resharpened multiple times for extended use.

M2 HSS Cold Circular Saw Blades are made of M2 high speed steel and are suitable for cutting softer materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper. They are able to maintain their sharpness for a shorter period of time compared to M35 Co5 blades and need to be resharpened more often.

The HSS M35 Co5 Cold Saw Blade is an essential tool for metalworking. This high-speed steel (HSS) M35 Co5 cold saw blade is made from a cobalt alloy that is heat-treated to produce a blade with superior wear resistance, toughness, and strength. It is designed for cutting a wide range of metal materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more.

The HSS M35 Co5 cold saw blade features a special coating that reduces friction, allowing for more efficient cutting. This coating also helps to reduce heat buildup while cutting, making it an ideal choice for cutting hard metals. The blade is designed with a high-speed steel (HSS)

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