Project Description

Yansam tool uses a unique coating process called Vacuum Plasma Vapor Deposition (VAPO) to make their saw blades more robust and durable than traditional steel blades. This process creates a thin film of nanoceramic particles on the blade’s surface, increasing its hardness and wear resistance and making them last longer than conventional steel blades.

This coating also reduces friction between the blade and the material being cut and prevents the buildup of heat and dust on the saw blade surface, improving cutting accuracy and preventing corrosion. Plus, since these blades are made with premium materials, they run cooler than regular steel blades, which helps extend their lifespan even further.

Vapo Coating Circular Saw Blade (2)

How Does It Work?

The VAPO process uses an electric arc to vaporize a ceramic target material onto the saw blade surface. The resulting nanoceramic particles bond to the metal substrate at a molecular level creating a hard coating that is highly resistant to wear and abrasion.

This coating is so strong that it can withstand temperatures up to 1,000°C (1,832°F). Plus, since it is applied at such a low temperature, there is very little risk of damaging or warping the underlying metal substrate.

The VAPO process also has environmental benefits as it does not require any toxic chemicals or heavy metals in order to produce its protective coatings. This makes it much safer for both workers and the environment compared to traditional chemical coating processes like galvanizing or electroplating which require large amounts of hazardous materials in order to apply their protective layers.

Plus, since there are no additional chemicals involved in this process, it produces no harmful waste products either!

Vapo HSS circular saw blades

Are you tired of using the same old saw blades? Look no further than yansam tool for all your cutting needs! Our Vapo HSS Circular Saw Blades are second to none; they allow you to make precision and clean cuts with unparalleled ease.

No longer will you have to fuss over whatever saw blade or metal cutting tool you are currently using — with our top-of-the-line saw blades, your work will be done in a fraction of the time with great results every single time.

Our blades come in various sizes and thicknesses, so whether you are making quick cuts or something more intricate, we’ve got you covered.

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Our industrial grade, Heinrich-Vanadium high speed steel HSS alloy blade makes our Vapo saw blades incredibly resistant to wear and heat compared to other types of blades.

That means not only do these saws last a long time between maintenance, but it also reduces the amount of debris created during a cut. You get precise, clean cuts without ever having to worry about the blade becoming too hot or too worn down quickly.

If that wasn’t enough already, our customer service team is here for you every step of the way.

Whether through websites guides or direct messaging while on site – we’ll always be there to answer any question and offer troubleshooting tips when needed. With us on your side – you can take on any job with confidence.

At yansam tool, we strive each day to provide top quality products and excellent customer service so that we can empower professionals around the globe to excel at what they do best – creating amazing things! Start cutting those real hard materials today and equip yourself with our revolutionary Vapo HSS Circular Saw Blades — trust us — it’ll make all the difference in the world!

Whether you’re looking for increased durability or improved cutting accuracy, Vapo Coating Circular Saw Blades from Yansam tool have something for everyone! Thanks to their unique Vacuum Plasma Vapor Deposition (VAPO) coating process these saw blades are able to provide superior performance while still remaining environmentally friendly. With all these amazing benefits, it’s easy to see why Yansam tool has become one of the leading suppliers of circular saw blades today! So if you’re looking for top-of-the-line saw blades then be sure to check out what Yansam tool has in store for you!